Dare To Compare


Think the Dealership is always the most expensive place to rent a car? Incorrect!

To show you how much renting a car, truck or minivan for your next business trip from the dealership can SAVE you, we price shopped two of the MOST popular Car Rental Agencies in Marietta, GA, and put together this handy comparison chart for you, just to show you how much money you can save by renting your next vehicle with us. Check out our Marietta GA rental car price comparison chart and if you have any questions or need today’s Car Rental Rates, please give us a call at (678) 398-4063.

Marietta Toyota Enterprise Car Rental Hertz Car Rental
Roadside Assistance Included! $0 + $3.99 per Day + $7.99 per Day
Additional Driver + $4.00 per Day + $15 per Day + $13.50 per Day
Compact Sedan $60.95 $96.00 $99.00
Midsize Sedan $78.95 $97.00 $79.00
Compact SUV $90.95 $170.00 $149.00
Hybrid Sedan $75.95 Not Offered Not Offered
Large SUV $149.95 $258.00 $249.00
Hybrid SUV $115.95 Not Offered Not Offered
Midsize Truck (Automatic) $98.95 $180.00 Not Offered
Full-size Truck (Automatic) $107.95 $180.00 Not Offered
Minivan $130.95 $170.00 $165.00
Full-size Sedan $95.95 $98.99 $109.00

*Price Comparison of Marietta Toyota Rent A Car/ Enterprise/ Hertz was performed on Feb 3, 2022. Prices shown are standard daily rates, and Exclude Sales Tax, Damage Deposit and/or any insurance or other discounts. Prices Shown are for comparison only and are not today’s advertised rates– Please call (678) 398-4063 and speak to one of our Marietta Toyota Rent A Car Team Members for today’s current rates and model availability – Thank you!

Why should you Rent from Marietta Toyota Rent A Car?

  • Extremely Competitive Rates
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Selection: Extensive Rental Fleet of Current Year Model Toyota Vehicles to Choose From!
  • Convenience: Hourly, Weekend, & even Weekly Rates Available!
  • Ask about your “Try Before you Buy” Program