Toyota Roadside Assistance

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Every new and Certified Pre-Owned Toyota vehicle comes with a comprehensive warranty plan that includes ToyotaCare and Toyota Roadside Assistance. With Toyota Roadside Assistance, you can drive with confidence in Marietta or across the country knowing that you have access to 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of an accident or if you have a Toyota flat tire.

You can contact the Toyota emergency roadside service or get Toyota warranty towing by filling out a report online or by calling the Toyota Roadside Assistance number: 1‑800‑444‑4195.

What is Toyota Roadside Assistance?

Toyota Roadside Assistance is a program that comes with ToyotaCare, ToyotaCare Plus, and Toyota Service Care plans. These pre-paid maintenance plans cover the general maintenance that your Toyota vehicle needs while also offering assistance on Smyrna roads. Whether you need Toyota warranty towing, have a Toyota flat tire, or you’ve been involved in an accident, you can get the assistance you need at the touch of a button. Read about each maintenance plan below and what Toyota Roadside Assistance covers:

Toyota Roadside Assistance Coverage:

  • Battery jump-start
  • Lockout protection
  • Emergency fuel delivery
  • Tire service
  • Towing
  • Winching


  • Comes with each new Toyota purchase.
  • Offers pre-paid maintenance, Toyota Roadside Assistance, and more for 2 years/25,000 miles – whichever comes first.
  • Offers rental car assistance for 5 years/60,000 miles – whichever comes first.
  • Drivers who want additional ToyotaCare protection after their initial ToyotaCare coverage expires should consider the ToyotaCare Platinum warranty in addition to ToyotaCare Plus.

ToyotaCare Plus:

  • An optional extended warranty plan for your new Toyota vehicle.
  • Offers the same coverage as ToyotaCare for 4 years/45,000 miles – whichever comes first.
  • Offers rental car assistance for 5 years/60,000 miles – whichever comes first.
  • Can be purchased if your vehicle has less than 31,000 miles on it or if you’re within 37 months of the date of the first use of your vehicle.

Toyota Service Care:

  • Toyota Service Care is a pre-paid maintenance plan that was designed for every Toyota vehicle – regardless of age or mileage.
  • Plans last for two years and have an unlimited amount of mileage.
  • This plan can be renewed for as long as you want.
  • Offers the same Toyota Roadside Assistance and maintenance services and ToyotaCare and ToyotaCare Plus.

Toyota Roadside Assistance FAQs

Toyota Roadside Assistance is an excellent coverage option for drivers who want extra security on their Atlanta commutes. However, some drivers have additional questions about their roadside assistance coverage. You can read the Toyota Roadside Assistance FAQs below:

What is the Toyota Roadside Assistance number?

  • The Toyota Roadside Assistance number is 1‑800‑444‑4195. However, you can also file a claim online if you’re not in an emergency situation.

Do I have Toyota Roadside Assistance?

  • Drivers who have ToyotaCare, ToyotaCare Plus, ToyotaCare Platinum, or Toyota Service Care plans will have Toyota Roadside Assistance coverage. Contact your Toyota dealer to see if your vehicle is covered.

How much does Toyota Roadside Assistance cost?

  • This will depend on the plan you have selected. ToyotaCare comes with each new vehicle purchase, but additional coverage plans will have to be purchased separately. Learn more about the Toyota Roadside Assistance cost by contacting our service center.

How do I contact ToyotaCare roadside assistance?

  • Drivers can request roadside assistance on the Toyota website, through the Toyota Owners App for iPhone® or Android™, or they can be contacted by phone by calling 1-800-444-4195.

What is the Roadside Assistance feature on the Toyota Owners App?

  • The roadside assistance feature on the Toyota Owners App allows Toyota and Scion drivers to submit roadside assistance requests without logging online or calling the designated roadside assistance number.

What is Toyota Entune Safety Connect® Enhanced Roadside Assistance?

  • Safety Connect® offers Enhanced Roadside Assistance to Toyota drivers. This service provides your vehicle’s GPS coordinates directly to your Safety Connect® response center agent and to Roadside Assistance. This service includes 24/7 Roadside Support for three years.

What is the difference between the Roadside Assistance provided by Toyota Care Roadside Assistance and the Enhanced Roadside Assistance on Safety Connect®?

  • Enhanced roadside assistance is available with Safety Connect®. This service automatically provides your vehicle location to the agent when using the SOS button so they can pinpoint your exact location via GPS. This eliminates the need to look for identifying roadsigns or markers.

Keep Your Vehicle Running at Its Best with Marietta Toyota

The ToyotaCare and Toyota Roadside assistance plans offer comprehensive coverage to Kennesaw-area drivers. Whether you’re on your daily commute or a longer road trip, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected and covered in the event of a Toyota flat tire or an accident. Learn more about our ToyotaCare plans when you contact our team today!

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