Are the Extras at Car Washes Really Worth It?

washing a blue car with a foam and water

Many Smyrna drivers wonder if they should choose the clear coat sealant car wash, or is the basic car wash a better option. At Marietta Toyota, we have the details about car washes, and we can let you know if the extras at car washes are really worth it. Check out the information below for a clear answer.

Basic Car Wash

Most of the time, the basic automatic wash gives you everything needed to drive away with a fresh, clean car. This includes the rinse, soap, scrub, rinse, and dry. However, don’t fall for those gimmicky-sounding add-ons like pH neutral, triple foam, or fast-acting, as the basic wash alone will remove visible dirt.

Remember, only a hand wash can remove dirt from those hard-to-reach places. The regular car wash will preserve the vehicle’s clear coat and protect the paint from corrosion.

High-Pressure Wash

The high-pressure wash option is available at coin-operated car washes, and they’re typically a better option than hard brushes. Switch to rinse mode and hose off the exterior while focusing on the wheels and any hidden debris and dirt. Soak the vehicle entirely from the top down, and get water into every crevice.

After the soak, switch to “high-pressure soap” mode and hit the entire vehicle from the top down. Spend a little time on areas with embedded bugs, dirt, and other nasty things. It’s best not to use a brush, but if you have to, blast it with the water pressure water first.

Undercarriage Wash

Are you wondering, “Is the undercarriage car wash worth it?” Yes! This type of car wash focuses on the vehicle’s underside to remove road debris that gathers in and around the parts below. You don’t have to get this upgrade each time, but an occasional upgrade will reduce corrosion.

Clear-Coat Protector

A professional clear-coat sealant will range from $160 to $200, but it typically only costs a few dollars at the car wash. Unfortunately, this add-on does not offer the same level of protection as other options.

Spray-on Wax

Many Kennesaw drivers upgrade their car washes with spray-on car wash wax because it does the job of making all that water roll off your car. Spray-on car wax lasts a couple of days and does not provide any extra benefits. Stick with an old-fashioned car wash wax job.

Rust Protection

Professional rust-proofing requires a professional application, which includes getting under the hood, inside door panels, and up in the undercarriage. A car wash does not apply the rust protection properly, and the next rainstorm will wash it off anyway.

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