What is the Recommended Toyota Tacoma Oil Type?

2021 Toyota Tacoma on Sand

If you’re looking for a new pickup truck that combines powerhouse performance with tough off-road capability, you can’t go wrong with the new Toyota Tacoma! This all-new pickup has a lot to offer Smyrna drivers, with seven available trim levels, up to 6,800 pounds of towing power, and plenty of advanced features inside and out. 

The best way to keep your Toyota Tacoma running smoothly is to stick to your prescribed service schedule. Every Toyota vehicle has a set of mileage intervals where you’ll come into our service center for routine maintenance. One of the most fundamental services we’ll perform at every appointment is an oil change. Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated and prevents it from overheating, so it’s important that you get it replaced frequently. However, you need to use the right type of oil for your truck, or it won’t run as effectively. 

So what is the recommended oil type for the Toyota Tacoma? Like many other Toyota vehicles, the Tacoma runs best on synthetic oil with a grade of SAE 0W-20 or SW 5W-20. The service team at Marietta Toyota has more details on getting a Toyota Tacoma oil change in Marietta in the guide below – check it out!

Synthetic vs. Conventional Oil for Your Tacoma: What’s the Difference?

The two types of motor oil are synthetic and conventional, but how exactly do they differ? They may look and sound similar, but there are important differences between the two, and you’ll want to use the right type for your vehicle so it’ll run properly. Conventional oil (also called “regular oil”) is mined directly from the ground and has been used in motor vehicles since their invention. Synthetic oil is comparatively new, and has been chemically refined to be more efficient, long-lasting, and effective than conventional oil. It’s more often used by high-performance or off-road vehicles, since it performs better at higher temperatures. While synthetic oil tends to be more expensive than conventional oil, it also doesn’t have to be changed as frequently, so you won’t be coming in for a Toyota Tacoma oil change in Marietta as often!

When Should You Change Your Toyota Tacoma’s Oil?

As we discussed above, every Toyota has a maintenance schedule with services like oil changes, tire rotations, battery inspections, and–further down the road–replacements of essential parts. So how often will you be coming in to get your Atlanta Toyota Tacoma’s oil changed? Since synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil, you’ll generally get it changed out every 7,500 to 10,000 miles, as opposed to 3,000 or 5,000 miles for conventional oil. Your owner’s manual will have more specific numbers, but this is a good baseline. 

Schedule Your Toyota Tacoma Oil Change in Marietta

Feel free to contact our service center near Kennesaw with any questions about the Toyota Tacoma oil type or anything else we’ve discussed in this article, and a member of our team will be happy to help you. Be sure to check out our other service tips and tricks for more ways to keep your Tacoma running the best possible condition!


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