An Inside Look at Toyota Safety Sense Bird’s Eye View Camera

February 28th, 2017 by

Toyota models are known for providing innovative technology and safety features to drivers, and the bird’s eye view and 360-degree camera is the latest innovation that Vinings drivers appreciate. Read below to learn more about how the latest safety feature works and what you can expect to find when you bring a Toyota model home today.

Bird’s Eye View and 360-Degree Camera

When you’re driving through Marietta, it would often be nice to have a full view of your entire vehicle. After all, this can help you know exactly what’s around you, which allows you to make smarter driving and parking decisions. When you drive a Toyota vehicle, you’ll be lucky to have access to the Bird’s Eye View Camera. This technology provides drivers with a full view of the vehicle’s surroundings. With this feature, you’ll see a seamless panoramic view of the vehicle in high-definition, and you can see it from overhead.

The Toyota models come equipped with four exterior cameras: one on the front, one on each side, and one on the back. This allows drivers to have a 360-degree view of the vehicle at all times, and this vision is also portrayed on the interior touchscreen and offered in high definition.

The view will move around the vehicle unless you press the pause button, which will then stop movement so you can see a specific area of the vehicle, which allows you to navigate around objects in the Atlanta road or get in and out of tight parking spaces. You can continue to pause and play the bird’s eye and 360-degree camera to provide you with the view that you need for optimal driving.

When you place the vehicle in reverse, you’ll have access to both camera views at one time. The bird’s eye view will be on the right, while the 360-degree view will be on the left. This way, you can pay attention to objects that may be approaching from the side, as well as have a clear view of the objects that may be directly behind you. Using this technology, you can enjoy driving near Smyrna and know that you’re safe.

Check it Out at Marietta Toyota

The bird’s eye view and 360-degree view camera provides Vinings drivers with all the safety features you deserve. As part of the Toyota Safety Sense, a suite of technology and safety features that come standard on all Toyota models, this is the perfect way to stay safe. Visit Marietta Toyota at 750 Cobb Parkway S in Marietta, GA to see the technology and other Toyota Safety Sense features in person. You can also learn more about our inventory by choosing to contact us online or call us at 770-422-1490.

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