How the Toyota Sienna Defies Minivan Stigmas

February 16th, 2024 by

A red 2021 Toyota Sienna is shown parked near a store after visiting a Toyota Dealer Near Sandy Springs.

There comes a time in every busy parent’s life when it just becomes clear that you need a minivan. You tried and tried to hang onto that compact SUV or coupe you rode around in as a singlet or when you only had one or two children. But once you’ve brought several mini-mes into this world, there’s no denying it: you need a minivan.

With Sandy Springs being such a pristine and safe place, many families flee the metropolitan heart of Atlanta to raise families in this quiet suburb. As a Toyota dealer near Sandy Springs, we welcome these families on a regular basis as they look for the perfect vehicle to enjoy life in the region.

We hear the same thing often: “I don’t want anything like my mom or dad’s minivan.” We get it; you want to retain your cool, youthful reputation, and your identity isn’t entirely wrapped up in being a parent, as you still have other interests and hobbies. But no vehicle offers the space and functionality that families need quite like a minivan. For these customers, we love showing off the Sienna, a minivan that will make you rethink what you know about this vehicle segment.

Not only is it a cool minivan (yes, those exist), but it’s a hybrid, too—through and through. Every trim of this minivan will have a gas-and-battery powertrain that achieves excellent fuel economy figures that families watching their finances will love. By now, the 2021 Sienna has a few years under its belt, so families can get a great deal on this great used option. Here are but a few ways the 2021 Toyota Sienna defies minivan stigmas while bringing you the functionality you know you need.

It Doesn’t Look Like a Minivan

Many customers don’t realize at first glance that the Sienna is a minivan. Its sleek silhouette and striking body lines are a far cry from the frumpy, bulbous frames of minivans from years past. It is this elegant styling that makes it right for parents who still want to go into Atlanta for shows, concerts, and date nights. The Sienna is an attractive vehicle, and you just won’t feel like the parents pulling up the carpool vehicle when you take it into the city.

It Has an Off-Road(ish) Trim

Now, there’s something you don’t see every day in a minivan: an off-road(ish) trim. We say “ish” because this trim—called the Woodland Edition—has all-wheel drive, and those with stricter off-road requirements would say it would need four-wheel drive to qualify. We’re comfortable saying it’s off-road adjacent because, along with its all-wheel drivetrain, it gets an increased ride height and roof rails with cross bars, so it’s more equipped than the other trims to tackle uneven terrain and bring your adventure gear along for the ride.

A green 2021 Toyota Sienna is shown driving off-road.

Serious Towing Power for Its Class

Not everyone thinks of towing abilities when they think of a minivan, but the Sienna has them nonetheless. It has a standard tow hitch that gets you 3,500 lbs of towing capabilities. If you and your family enjoy getting out of town and camping in Chattahoochee National Forest or Fall Creek Falls State Park, you can bring a small camper with you behind the Sienna—or, if you just have a big day of sports games for every kid, spanning every athletic endeavor, you can add a hitch carrier for gear, coolers, and more game-day essentials. The Sienna already has a massive trunk, but when you’re at capacity as it is and you aren’t done packing the van, this hitch will come in handy.

A Performance Trim That Kicks

The Sienna has another surprise identity hiding in its lineup, and that’s the XSE, a performance-oriented trim. The XSE has a sport-tuned suspension that gets you stiffer coils and increased damping for a more intimate steering experience and better absorption. Stylistically, it adds 20-inch dark wheels, a lower back bumper, and a metallic sport mesh front grille. If you dread being the minivan that everyone sees as the “slow vehicle,” you won’t experience that in the XSE.

Don’t Worry—It Still Has Minivan Staples

You’re getting a minivan because you need a minivan, which means you have a fleet of young passengers. So, while the Sienna does an impressive job of breaking free of “minivan” stereotypes, it still has the core features you want out of this vehicle type.

It has four zones of climate control, so when you and your co-pilot want it cool, one kid wants it hot, and the other wants something in the middle, everyone can have the temperature they desire—and you can field fewer complaints.

The Sienna also has rear-seat entertainment. When you’re tackling long stretches of road with little ones in the back seat, you know how quickly they can get antsy. The Sienna’s rear-seat entertainment system will enable them to watch shows, play games, and stream music. This will hopefully help your little ones tolerate longer drives a bit more.

It has optional sliding second-row captain’s chairs. If you have preteens or teenagers, then you know they don’t want to cram into a bench seat with the younger ones. So it might be time to get a Sienna with the second-row captain’s chairs that let your young ones feel like young adults. Luckily, these seats slide forward and back 25 inches, providing extra legroom for either rear row when necessary.

Finally, it’s super safe. One of the best family-friendly features of the Sienna isn’t just one feature but a suite of them. It gets the Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, which brings you pedestrian detection, a pre-collision system, lane departure alerts with steering assist, lane tracing assist, road sign assist, and automatic high beam assist. When you’re managing back-seat squabbles, taking song requests, and making sure that one kid is doing their homework on their tablet (like they said they were), you have a lot of distractions. Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 can be your second set of eyes and ears so you can safely transport your precious cargo from Point A to Point B (and—let’s be honest—to Points C, D, and E, too).

A red 2021 Toyota Sienna is shown driving near city buildings.

Check Out a 2021 Sienna at Marietta Toyota

Sandy Springs drivers, we can’t wait to show you the Sienna, a hybrid minivan with features and styling that will surprise you. Busy families have sports games, ballet recitals, road trips, and science fairs to attend; if you don’t want to find yourself at the gas pump every day, you’ll love the great fuel economy you get from the Sienna, and you’ll love all the ways it doesn’t really look or feel like a minivan at all.

We get it—you’re still young, energetic, and not ready to give up on style and fun, but we think you’ll come around to the minivan life when you can enjoy it in the Sienna. Our team knows every trim of this model and its generation, so we can help you determine which one is best for you, and our finance team will help you figure out how to pay for it. We’re always honored when Sandy Springs drivers visit us at Marietta Toyota, and we’ll make sure you drive off in a vehicle you love at a price that’s right.