A First For North American Toyota Vehicles — Toyota’s Stop & Start Engine System

Toyota has introduced a new Toyota technology on select Toyota models in North America: the Stop & Start Engine System. Available on Toyota Highlander V6 and Toyota RAV4 LE AWD models, this drivetrain technology automatically stops your vehicle’s engine when you’re stopped, and then it starts your engine when you begin moving again.

While technologies similar to Toyota’s Stop & Start Engine System have already been implemented by other makes, some may find fault with the rough operation of those technologies. Toyota’s Stop & Start Engine System delivers a smooth experience that fixes the issues of previous technologies. Read on to discover more about the Stop & Start Engine System, and then visit Marietta Toyota to try out this and other Toyota technologies in person.

2017 Toyota Highlander in the city

How the Stop & Start Engine System Works

2016 Toyota Highlander interior

Toyota’s Stop & Start Engine System monitors your brake pedal operation to stop your engine when you’re stopped. When your speed descends to 0 mph and you have depressed the brake pedal, the system stops the engine. Then, when you have taken your foot off the brake, the system smoothly restarts the engine — all without you having to worry about extra steps.

Look to your Multi-Information Display (MID) for an icon that lights up when the Stop & Start Engine system stops the engine. Moreover, rest assured that all safety systems, including Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), still function while the engine is stopped.

The Stop & Start Engine System remains active as a default mechanism of vehicles that have it. However, you can disable the system for the current ignition cycle if you wish. This may be desirable during driving situations in which you’re towing a trailer* or if your air conditioning has been affected by the turning off of the engine. Simply press the Off button to the left of the steering wheel on your dashboard to deactivate the system. You can reactivate the system by pressing that button again or by restarting your vehicle.

The Benefits of the Stop & Start Engine System

It may seem counterintuitive, but there numerous benefits to having your engine stopped when your vehicle stops. Toyota’s Stop & Start Engine System boasts the following benefits:

  • Reduced Emissions — Active engines in stopped vehicles emit wasteful emissions since the vehicles aren’t actually moving. This system eliminates this issue.
  • Enjoy a Quieter Cabin — Like with hybrid or fuel cell vehicles, an inactive fuel engine makes for a more serene cabin experience when the vehicle is stopped.
  • Save Money at the Pump — Why waste gas when you’re not moving? The Stop & Start System helps you save on fuel by cutting the engine when you’re stopped.
2017 Toyota Highlander seating

Can Start & Stop Technology Be Turned off?

The Toyota Stop and Start system will shut off your engine momentarily and put it into standby mode when your vehicles come to a complete stop at a red light. When you turn off the engine, it will decrease the emission and increase the MPG.

However, you do have the option of turning off this feature. Locate the encircled “A” button to the left of the steering wheel. The Stop & Start cancel indicator will come on. Pressing it again will reactivate the system or restart the engine if it’s currently stopped.

  • Automatic reactivation of the Stop & Start system: Even if the system is disabled by the cancel switch, it will get automatically enabled when the engine switch is turned off, and then the engine is started again.
  • If the Stop & Start cancel switch is pressed: When the engine is stopped by this system, pressing the Stop and Start cancel switch will restart the engine. When the system is disabled, pressing the Stop & Start cancel switch will enable the system but not stop the engine. From the next time the vehicle is stopped (after the Stop & Start system is enabled), the engine will be stopped.

Conditions Where the System May Not Operate as Expected

The Stop & Start Engine system monitors a broad spectrum of car operations to guarantee correct functioning as much as possible. However, there are some conditions that may cause the Stop & Start Engine System to not cut the engine when you’re stopped. Conversely, there are car functions that may interrupt the Stop & Start System, restarting the engine before you start to move again.

Below is a list of situations in which the Stop & Start System won’t stop the engine:

When MAX A/C is selected

You’re on a very steep incline**

Either power mode or snow mode is active

You’re turning the steering wheel or it is currently turned away from center

You’re repeatedly stopping the vehicle — such as when inching forward in stop-and-go traffic***

Your battery has low charge, has been recently replaced, or is disconnected

The brake booster has low vacuum

Your vehicle is in a high altitude area

The engine coolant, transmission fluid, or battery fluid have reached severe temperatures

And here is a list of situations that may interrupt the Stop & Start Engine System:

When air conditioning or defrost is activated

The driver side door is opened

The driver seat belt is unbuckled

The engine experiences input from the brake (strong pumping), accelerator, or steering wheel.

Many of these conditions exist to preserve your safety and/or comfort while the system is operating, ensuring minimized stress on your commute through Marietta and beyond.

Learn More About Toyota Technologies at Marietta Toyota

Explore the Stop & Start Engine System and other Toyota proprietary technologies at Marietta Toyota. Give us a call at (470) 938-8430 to schedule a test drive of the Toyota Highlander with the Stop & Start Engine System — or any new Toyota vehicle of your choosing. Or, submit a contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’re here to answer any service-related questions you have about oil changes or the Toyota Pre-Collision System. We’ll see you soon at 750 Cobb Parkway Southeast in Marietta!

*Before towing, confirm your vehicle and trailer are compatible, hooked up and loaded properly and that you have any necessary additional equipment. Do not exceed any Weight Ratings and follow all instructions in the Owner’s Manual. The maximum you can tow depends on the total weight of any cargo, occupants and available equipment. Calculated with the new SAE J2807 method.
**If the engine is stopped by the Stop & Start Engine System when the vehicle is on an incline, brake force is temporarily maintained to prevent rolling backwards until the engine is restarted and drive force is generated. When drive force is generated, the maintained brake force is automatically canceled.

***During stop and go traffic, the vehicle may need to reach a set speed before the system is ready to activate again at the next stop.

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