Why the 2025 Toyota Camry Is Perfect for Fulton County Summers

February 2nd, 2024 by

A silver 2025 Toyota Camry is shown driving in a city after visiting a Roswell Toyota dealer.

If you live in Roswell and are looking for the perfect vehicle for enjoying life both in and around the historic city, we would love for you to check out the upcoming 2025 Toyota Camry. This midsize sedan has been part of the Toyota family since 1983 and has been the best-selling vehicle of its class for several years. Drivers have always appreciated how many great standard features Toyota has put into this solidly priced vehicle, along with its famously smooth handling and comfortable cabin—and its fuel economy is always buzz worthy. For the 2025 model year, Toyota has designed the Camry with features that we feel make it especially great for the famously long and humid summers in Georgia.

If you’re looking for a Roswell Toyota dealer who can walk you through the great features of the 2025 Camry, visit us at Marietta Toyota. We have a friendly team that knows all about this generation of this top-selling model and would love to take you for a test drive. Here are reasons we think Roswell drivers will love the Camry all year long, but especially during the summer…

A Multifunctional Sunroof for Gorgeous Georgia Days

Whether you’re commuting to and from work or enjoying a road trip, as the sun shifts throughout the day, you might have different temperature needs inside the cabin. We love to show drivers the available power tilt/slide panoramic sunroof with the power sunshade. When you decide that you want to let in a little refreshing breeze, just tilt it and let the cool air in. If you want to fully allow the sunlight in and enjoy some vitamin D during your drive, slide it open and enjoy those rays.

When the sun is coming in too hot, you can use the power sunshade to block it out. Without the power sunroof, you will just have a standard roof inside of the Camry. However, we think that when you live somewhere that gets humid summers like Roswell, it’s nice to have the option to let in a rooftop breeze sometimes. Plus, when you take summer road trips to new and beautiful places, opening that power slide sunroof gives your passengers a whole new way to take in the surrounding sights.

Multi-Stage Ventilated Front Seats

If you’ve spent several summers in Roswell, then you’ve experienced having to peel your sweaty back off of a car seat. Not only is it uncomfortable, but nobody likes arriving at their destination with a sweat-stained shirt. If you have to look professional for your work, you’ll want to keep your shirt crisp, clean, and dry. That’s why we love the multi-stage ventilated front seats in the 2025 Toyota Camry; they provide consistent cool air to your back, so you’ll never arrive at your destination drenched in perspiration.

Thanks to their multi-stage nature, you can control how much cold air is blowing on your back in the ventilated seats. Keep it low on moderately hot days and blast it on those notorious hot Georgia afternoons. When you’ve just finished a long hike along the Chattahoochee River or a walking ghost tour in the downtown district and want to cool off the moment you get in your vehicle, you’ll love these ventilated seats.

Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control with Rear Air Vents

Once you’ve identified the perfect cabin temperature for your Camry, set it and forget it. The dual-zone automatic climate control will automatically bring the cabin temperature to your preferred setting every time you turn the vehicle on. Because it’s dual-zone, you and your front-seat passenger can select your preferred temperature. So, if you have a partner or family member who consistently rides shotgun, they can have control over their own climate.

Moving into the rear seats, you’ll find rear air vents, which are a big perk for your backseat passengers. When summer temperatures get high in Roswell, your backseat passengers can’t rely on the dashboard air vents alone to keep them cool; you’ll want these rear air vents to silence those backseat complaints about the cabin climate.

The black and red interior of a 2025 Toyota Camry is shown.

A Flexible Center Console with Beverage Holders

Bring the items you need to make commutes or road trips better with the flexible center console. It can be configured in several ways to make room for all sorts of items. So keep road trip-ready snacks, sunglasses, maps, and sunscreen here for your longer trips or a cellphone, keys, and wallet for work days.

Plus, thanks to the beverage holders, you and a passenger can keep those refreshing drinks nearby on hot Georgia days. You can sip on your favorite soda while enjoying seat ventilation and a light breeze from the sunroof—or you can put your shake from Sweet Charlie’s in the cupholders. What’s not to love?

Find Fun Summer Spots Along Your Way

Drivers who get a Drive Connect subscription with Intelligent Assistant can get access to tons of fun features that improve work days and adventures. With this system, you can simply use your voice to ask for all sorts of things, like points of interest along your route or traffic updates. So ask it for a coffee spot recommendation on your drive over to Atlanta or find out about road closures on your way to Marietta. Ask if there are any special events causing congestion in the Historic District before heading into town.

You can also use this system to adjust the cabin temperature. This is a great feature to have on hot days when you don’t have a co-pilot to manually adjust the climate control for you and you want to keep both hands on the wheel.

A Hybrid Powertrain to Take You Farther

Finally, we can’t talk about the 2025 Toyota Camry without talking about its available hybrid powertrain. The EPA figures for the 2025 model aren’t out yet, but if they’re anything like the 2024 one, you can expect a fuel economy in the 50s for both city and highway.

If you like to go to Atlanta in the summer for all of its amazing festivals and concerts, you’ll appreciate how little time you spend at the pump in the hybrid Camry. Its great highway fuel economy will get you down that major stretch of your drive on the GA-400 S, and then once you’re in the congested city streets, the regenerative braking will go to work at recharging your battery.

A silver 2025 Toyota Camry is shown parked near several people.

Check Out the 2025 Toyota Camry Today

We can’t wait to show Roswell drivers the 2025 Camry. This incredibly well-priced, comfortable, and smartly-designed midsize sedan delivers so much value to its drivers. It’s no wonder the Camry has been a best-selling car for many years. Camry drivers know there is a level of quality they can always expect from this model, and the 2025 Camry keeps up that reputation.

We have the newest Camry here and would love to walk you through the different trim and powertrain options. We can help Roswell drivers find the Camry that fits their lifestyle and budget. Our friendly, knowledgeable team knows just what features the Camry has that make it right for Roswell residents. If you’re curious about getting your first Camry or have always been a Camry driver and are ready to upgrade to the 2025 model, visit us at Marietta Toyota today.