Toyota Tacoma for Sale

As daily transportation, trucks make sense for a number of compelling reasons. First of all, they are incredibly functional and versatile. This makes them perfect for everything from daily commutes to transporting groceries, home renovation supplies, or recreational equipment. In addition, trucks are renowned for their long-lasting design, which increases their dependability and lifespan. This same durability makes them appropriate for both urban and rural settings since they are made to withstand rough terrain, bad weather, and large loads. Drivers appreciate the elevated view and higher driving position, as it increases safety and makes maneuvering through traffic less stressful. However, knowing that a truck is a great option for your daily vehicle is the easy part. Choosing the best truck for you can be more challenging.

That is until you consider the Toyota Tacoma. The Tacoma's combination of durability, reliability, and versatility makes it an outstanding option for today's drivers. The Tacoma offers plenty of interior room, cutting-edge technology, and safety features to satisfy a wide range of driver needs. Additionally, it is available in a number of trim levels and configurations to meet individual preferences. You can find the Toyota Tacoma for sale at our Marietta Toyota dealership, along with a knowledgeable and friendly team who can assist you with finding the one that meets your needs best. Continue reading to learn more about Tacoma and how it can make your trips easier.

A green 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter is shown from the front at an angle after leaving a dealer that has a Toyota Tacoma for sale.

Toyota Tacoma Overview

The Toyota Tacoma is a well-liked and adaptable vehicle for today’s drivers. This midsize pickup truck, known for its dependability, off-road prowess, and practicality, has been turning heads since it was first introduced in 1995. When the Toyota Tacoma debuted, it ushered in a new era for Toyota's array of compact and midsize trucks. Since then, it has undergone numerous generations of evolution, with each one improving the Tacoma's features, performance, and design to better suit drivers' shifting needs.

It has a reputation for finding the ideal mix between the durability required for outdoor adventures and the comfort required for everyday commutes. It also has the support of the Toyota brand, which has long been known for building quality vehicles that last.

The black interior of a 2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail is shown from above the center console.

Seating Capacity

The Tacoma is roomy enough for up to five passengers, with bucket seats in the front and a bench seat in the rear. At one time, you could find a bench seat in the front as well, specifically with the 2013 Tacoma Regular Cab, but like many truck manufacturers, Toyota has shifted to the bucket seat for added comfort over the past few years. In addition to increased comfort, amenities such as heating seating and premium cushioning can also be found in today’s Tacoma, increasing the comfort level during longer road trips. Families with younger children will also appreciate the view the back seat gets, letting kids see the road and sites as they pass.

Bed and Cab Configuration Options

With the Tacoma, Toyota has provided a multitude of bed and cab configurations to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of customers. Depending on the exact model and trim, the Tacoma often comes with either a six-foot bed or a five-foot bed. The width of the bed is the same, measuring around 60 inches, while the height of the bed ranges from 20 to 25 inches. It’s useful to have an idea of how you’ll use your Tacoma to determine which bed size is best for you. For example, if you’ll be hauling landscaping supplies that are typically smaller, you’ll enjoy the smaller bed size. However, if you are an avid DIYer or work in the construction field, you might opt for the longer bed for easier transport of materials.

When it comes to cab size, the Tacoma has changed over the years. When it was first introduced, you could choose between a regular or extended cab style with two doors. The Tacoma didn’t add an option for a Double Cab until the 2001 model year. As recently as 2023, you could choose between the Access Cab, which has short rear-hinged rear doors for simpler access to the rear seats, and the Double Cab, which has four full-size doors for plenty of passenger space. The Access Cab will be discontinued in the 2024 model.

TRD: A Walk on the Wild Side

While the Toyota Tacoma is known for being a reliable workhorse that can easily get you to work and back, then transition to date night or family fun, it also has a wilder side. This wild side, thanks to its outstanding off-road performance, is made possible thanks to its tough construction and available off-road kits, including the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) trims. In fact, the Tacoma is a favorite among adventure seekers and outdoor lovers who love its keen ability to easily navigate uneven terrain. Toyota TRD trims are outfitted with features like skid plates, all-terrain tires, and unique suspension systems.

Discover the New Toyota Tacoma Today

Today’s Tacoma takes everything that’s worked over the years and adds a few options that make it an even better option for your day-to-day activities. Whether you’re headed into Atlanta to take in a Braves game or taking the family hiking at the Cheatham Hill Trailhead, you’ll love the amenities that the Tacoma offers.

When choosing any vehicle, most drivers look toward safety features, and the Toyota Tacoma doesn’t disappoint. Standard throughout the lineup is the Star Safety System, which includes things like Vehicle Stability Control, Traction Control, and an Anti-lock Brake System. Additionally, Toyota Safety Sense P is standard, giving you innovative driver-assisted features that keep you on the road and help you navigate to your destination with ease.

Another consideration when selecting a vehicle to fit your needs is performance. The Toyota Tacoma has always performed well in this area, giving you the rugged durability you need to tackle multiple terrains and road conditions. In addition, you can choose from a variety of engine options that solidify your performance and create a smooth ride.

Finally, the Tacoma keeps you connected during the drive with advancements that put your favorite apps, diagnostic information, and more at your fingertips. You can also boost your connection with the available SafetyConnect package, which provides Emergency Roadside Assistance, Automatic Collision Notification, and more. Other connected services include an available Wi-Fi hotspot, ServiceConnect to keep you updated on your Tacoma’s maintenance needs, and Remote Connect.

You can explore each of these features in depth with the help of our team. We can answer your questions and review the Tacoma’s packages to help you make an informed decision.

A grey 2022 Toyota Tacoma Trail is shown from the rear at an angle.

Shop Our Used Toyota Tacoma Inventory

In addition to a wide selection of new Tacomas, we also offer many used options, giving you the opportunity to own a top-tier Tacoma with a payment that meets your budget. Thanks to Toyota’s long history of reliability, you gain peace of mind knowing that the Tacoma you choose will continue to last for years.

Our skilled technicians evaluate each vehicle that enters our lot to ensure its safety and functionality for you. Also, we offer the Toyota Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Program for certain vehicles, giving you additional benefits. Toyota CPO models are less than six years old with no more than 85,000 miles. You’ll also enjoy the remainder of the vehicle's original warranty and a 12-month/12,000-mile comprehensive warranty.

If you’re interested in a used Tacoma, reach out to our team and discuss your options. We can help you determine the best path for you and find the Tacoma that’s right for you.

Why Should You Choose Marietta Toyota?

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This dedication shines through our knowledge of the vehicles on our lot, our transparent and competitive pricing, and our open communication. In addition, we offer a full-service shopping experience. From the minute you step onto our lot, you’ll be welcomed by a team of skilled professionals assisting you in choosing the right vehicle, helping you understand financing, and working with you to ensure your vehicle has the care needed to last for many more years.

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